Max Beckmann’s world

Location ALBANY, New York
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Max Beckmann’s world - Photo 1
Max Beckmann’s world - Photo 2

Max Beckmann dreamed of a world full flamboyance where actors joined cabaret singers and then there were some heroes and thugs and what not! The drama that unfolded right at the very moment on the city streets, at the masquerades, in the carnival evenings, and in candlelit chambers are all so beautifully glazing in the works of Max Beckmann. The artist himself is framed within his compositions and is often part of the action. He is usually costumed but is definitely identifiable with an enormous head upon his shoulders and a scowling face. His magic in art came to play when most of his German contemporaries were focused on experimenting with abstraction. Beckmann always resolutely pursued his tendencies and explored the possibilities of figuration in a narrative context.

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